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Dark Souls: I’m a little late but hey it’s ok

So for the past few weeks I Finally got around to playing Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2, and all I  got to say is that “yea the game is pretty hard.”   Every time I died it didn’t feel like I was cheated I knew exactly how and why I died, either for being to reckless or not paying attention to my surroundings then causing chain deaths through frustration.  Once knowing what’s ahead and staying calm I found to be not as hard as I thought it was and learned that Dark Souls is a game that not only thrives on a players failures and and frustration, but also helps the player to learn from his/her mistakes.  Yes Dark Souls is a difficult game, but is that difficulty cheap and unfair, no and I find it that the reason for some people myself included that get angry and frustrated at the game is because we can’t handle the thought of a game that is besting us fairly.  So all in all I’m glad I finally got to play Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 and i can’t wait till the release on Bloodborne.

… Finally I can catch up on my anime and try to post more stuff…. Oh and stop cursing so much.

Akame ga Kill episode 8

Akame ga Kill, more like Akame all my favorite characters will die ga kill.  Seriously not to spoil anything, but it’s like episode 8 and already 2 of my favorite characters died back to back, Well seeing how I’m not reading the manga I can’t wait for the next episode where they kill off another one of my favorite characters. 

…Man I keep on forgetting that I’m watching anime and they’re always going to kill off my favorite character

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